HSA Folding Container House

Folding Container House

Folding Container House

HSA folding container houses are portable, foldable homes with steel structure and container design. They offer quick assembly/disassembly, durability, and insulation. Ideal for emergency relief, temporary accommodation, and mobile offices. Flexible and portable, they are a top choice for rapid construction and mobility.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • High turnover utilization rate
  • Transportation costs are low
  • Durability and insulation
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HSA folding container houses are a portable and foldable housing solution. They adopt a steel structure and container design, offering a simple and quick assembly and disassembly process. These houses are suitable for various purposes such as emergency relief, temporary accommodation, and mobile offices. Folding container houses are durable and reliable, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and environments. Additionally, they possess excellent insulation and soundproofing capabilities, providing a comfortable living environment. The flexibility and portability of these houses make them an ideal choice for rapid construction and mobility in today’s world.


Specifications and models

Standard Container3000mm*6000mm*415mm3000mm*6000mm*2650mm
Export Container2500mm*5800mm*360mm2500mm*5800mm*2390m
Export Container2500mm*5800mm*390mm2500mm*5800mm*2430m
Other SizesThe Size Can Be Customized If The Folding Conditions Are Met.

Basic Parameters

  • Frame: Concave-convex slot waterproof design, galvanized steel, galvanized square tubes, 304 stainless steel hinges, etc.
  • Wall Panel: 50mm thermal insulation rock wool color steel composite sandwich panel.
  • Roof: External roof is made of 104-type color steel tile, and the internal ceiling uses 831-type suspended ceiling tile.
  • Floor: A-grade fireproof fabric loose board.
  • Windows: Aluminum alloy anti-theft integrated windows (sliding series).
  • Door: Customized special anti-theft door for folding houses.
  • Electrical System: Circuit protector, five-hole sockets, LED lights, air conditioning sockets, light switches.
  • Roof Load Bearing: ≥50 kg/m².
  • Floor Load Bearing: ≥150 kg/m².
  • Walkway Load Bearing: ≥200 kg/m².
  • Lateral Wall Pressure: ≥80 kg/m².
  • Wall Deformation Coefficient: ≤300 kg/m².
  • Fire Resistance Level: Class A fireproof.
  • Earthquake Resistance: Level 10 seismic.
  • Wind Resistance: Level 10 windproof.
  • Weight: 1.2 tons.

production process

Floor Assembly
Floor Assembly
Wall Panel Assembly
Wall Panel Assembly
Packing and Storage
Packing and Storage

Installation video


Our factory is located in Hefei, Anhui, and our office is located in Zhengzhou, Henan.

We focus on prefab labor camp, steel structure, container houses, modular villa for more than 10 years.

Our minimum order quantity is 1x40HQ, and depending on the size of the container houses, approximately 10 sets of houses can be accommodated in 1x40HQ.

If you have the drawing, pls give us and tell us the material you use.
If no drawing, pls tell us the usage and the size of the house, then we design for you with the good price.

Any question, welcome to contact us.

  1. 24 hours available for you.
  2. One order, one special person to follow the whole production.
  3. For the house install, we will give you the 3D install drawing. lf you need, we also can send you anengineer to teach your workers, but you have to charge the double ticket, accommodation, food andsalary.
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HSA is the leading lobal manufacturer of container house that combine R&D, manufacturer, sales, and service for folding residential containers, folding mobile rooms, folding mobile containers and folding site containers.

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